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HydroBubbles are beads that hold 100 times their own weight in water. They look great by themselves as centerpieces or wedding decorations and you can use them to spruce up your fresh cut flowers and plants. Not only will your plants and flowers look great, but they also get water directly from the hydro bubbles! You can use them to water your flowers and plants, as decorations, and you can even use them to keep your bamboo or cactus happy, healthy and well-watered.

With HydroBubbles, you can go away on vacation or leave your husband in charge of the plant watering duties without worrying that they will starve of thirst. The bubbles do all the watering for you! They absorb and hold all the water for you, so that your plants take in only the amount of water they need – no more and no less, leaving your floral arrangements and plants happy, healthy and looking absolutely fabulous!

For information on how to get hydro bubbles, contact me at shannon@waterybubbles.com

HydroBubble Colors

Ocean Blue hydro bubble beads

Ocean Blue HydroBubbles:

Ocean Blue colored hydro bubbles give any floral arrangement or bamboo the illusion of being in water… Read review



coral hydro bubble beads

Melon HydroBubbles:

Melon colored hydro bubbles make floral arrangements and bamboo seem as if they are growing amidst a coral reef … Read review



crystal clear hydro bubble beads

Crystal Clear HydroBubbles:

Class up any flower vase or centerpiece with our crystal clear water bubbles. Great for a wedding, prom, or formal event… Read review



water beads snow white

Pearl White HydroBubbles:

As white as snow, our white hydro bubbles can create a snow-capped topper for your Christmas decorations, as well as a pure looking wedding centerpiece … Read review



light pink hydro bubble beads

Light Pink Hydro Bubbles:

Light pink HydroBubbles, like the name suggests, are a beautful, yet lighter or pale shade of pink. Pink Hydro Bubbles are ideal for bamboo and fresh cut flowers, or simply as a vase filler… Read review



Green hydro bubble beads

Lime Green HydroBubbles:

As green as a meadow, the Lime Green hydro bubbles compliment any plant or flower… Read review



orange halloween hydro bubble beads

Orange HydroBubbles:

For a nice autumn feel, add orange hydro bubbles to your plants, bamboo, or floral arrangement… Read review



hot Pink hydro bubble beads

Hot Pink HydroBubbles:

Water your flowers with our hot pink hydro bubbles. The hot pink HydroBubbles are a cross between red and pink on the color wheel & beautifully accent light colored flowers… Read review



teal blue green hydro bubble beads

Teal HydroBubbles:

Teal Hydro Bubbles will beautifully accent red roses and add character to your plants… Read review



violet-purple hydro bubble beads

Purple HydroBubbles:

Perfect for any occasion, purple water bubbles brighten up the room in flowers, plants, bamboo, or cactus… Read review




yellow hydro bubble beads

Bright Yellow HydroBubbles:

Add yellow water bubbles to any plant to brightly and decoratively bring it to life… Read review




Hydrobubbles are composed of a super-absorbent polymer that absorbs over 100 times its weight in water! Hydrobubbles slowly dispense water and last for weeks, ideal for many plants and flowers. Use Hydrobubbles as a decorative accent for Holidays like Christmas & events such as weddings or bridal showers. Hydrobubbles are non-toxic and will not bleed.

Hydration For Your Plants & Flowers

Fully absorbed, Hydrobubbles are composed of 99% water, they will absorb and release liquid plant nutrients (such as miracle grow) and support plant life, They can be considered a form of Hydroponics.

Decade Old Technology, New Application

Originally developed for the farming industry, the technology used in Hydrobubbles was originally used to maintain moisture in farmers’ crops between water cycles.

Decorative FUN!!

Great for weddings, holidays, or just plain decorative fun (no flowers required!!), Hydrobubbles will last for up to a Month (3 to 5 weeks) before requiring re-hydration. Simply re-soak and re-use when they start to shrink in size!


HydroBubbles are reusable. They can constantly maintain water or you can dry them out and store them for later use. To re-use hydro bubbles, simply allow them to evaporate. The bubbles will return to their original crystal form. Once the water has been dried up from the bubbles, simply place them back into their clear container, snap the cap in place, and store them for later use. When you are ready to use them over again, add them to a quart of water and within twelve hours they will be as good as new and ready for use in your flowers!

Types of HydroBubbles

HydroBubbles come in several different colors, although they can be combined to make hundreds of different colors and shades. They can be used by themselves, or they can be layered or even mixed together to create beautiful designs and patterns that will have all the neighbors talking. The water filled bubbles come in pink, melon/coral, red/scarlet/hot pink, lime green, ocean blue, teal, crystal clear, orange, yellow, snow white and lavender/violet/purple.[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column]

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