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We are often asked what kind of plants can benefit from being placed in HydroBubbles. Quite frankly, the answer is simply any plant that needs water. This is because the water is absorbed by the beads. They become super saturated and the HydroBubbles slowly release the water to plants – which means they provide water to plants on a delayed release basis.

The HydroBubbles can be placed over top of the soil to water plants from above the dirt, they can be placed in a dish underneath so that bottom-watering plants can drink from the HydroBubbles. Additionally, the flowers and plants can be rooted or grown directly in the HydroBubbles. This is because HydroBubbles are non-toxic and provide the water that is needed to keep flowers and plants fresh and happy. Below are some pictures to give you an idea of the kind of things that can be done with HydroBubbles as far as plants and flowers are concerned.

Lucky Bamboo

lucky bamboo & water beads

No more smelly water, no more ugly rocks. Keep your Lucky Bamboo looking and smelling great by placing it in HydroBubbles. To use HydroBubbles with your Lucky Bamboo plant, simply fill a bucket with a quart of water and place the beads into the water. After the beads have absorbed the water and became HydroBubbles, take your bubbles and place a base of them in the desired lucky bamboo container. Then gently peel the roots from the rock. Once the roots are freed from the rock, place them on the HydroBubble base. Finally, fill the container with HydroBubbles so that the stalk or stalks of Lucky bamboo stands upright.


grow plants in water beads

Plants, especially those plants who do not require much more along the lines of nutrients than is provided by water and sunlight, love HydroBubbles. You can place clippings into HydroBubbles and watch them grow. You can root plants in HydroBubbles and you can even take plants right out of the soil and put them into the bubbles! If your plant needs additional nutrition, simply add liquid nutrients.


cactus with waterbeads

Cactus do not require a lot of water. A small layer of HydroBubbles can provide just enough water to keep the cactus happy.

HydroBubbles for flowers

Flowers do quite well in HydroBubbles. Because there is no standing water (the water is contained in and released by the bubbles), the stems will not rot and the flowers won’t drown. As a result, flowers tend to last a lot longer in HydroBubbles than they do in a vase full of water. Additionally, because there is no rotting stems when you use HydroBubbles for your floral arrangement, you don’t have to change the water daily and there will be no more “ring around the vase!”

fresh flowers & water beads

HydroBubbles are ideal for freshly cut flowers.

beautiful red roses

HydroBubbles will keep your roses looking fresh and beautiful.

rose pedals & water beads

You can even extend the life of your roses and flowers by cutting down the stem and placing the face of the flowers in the HydroBubbles to make a simple, yet beautiful decoration with your flowers and HydroBubbles.

yellow flower in water beads

Here are some additional pictures of HydroBubbles to help give you some ideas for decorating with the colorful HydroBubbles.

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