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HydroBubbles certainly make some really nice decorations. Although their primary use is to provide your flowers and plants with a constant source of water, they can be used as simple, yet colorful decorations. The decorations can add color to the room, brighten up a special event as centerpieces, or used simply to fill an empty vase while it waits for flowers.

Clever Bamboo Planters

Delight Bulbs

HydroBubbles are used in Delight Bulbs, which is (in our opinion) one of the most creative projects on KICKSTARTER. As you can see in the above picture, Delight Bulbs make clever & creative use of HydroBubbles and a recycled light bulb to make an attractive bamboo planter that will make for a great addition to your office or your home! Click here to learn more about the Delight Bulbs project on KICKSTARTER, where you can support their project and even get your own Delight Bulb!

Beautiful Vase Fillers

beautiful vase fillers

For larger, classy looking vases, you can add HydroBubbles to them. Not only will they fill the vase, but they will do so in beautiful fashion. The more traditional people may enjoy the clear HydroBubbles, as this is more of a traditional look. However, this beautiful color scheme (designed by Madison) redefines the concept of class.

To fill the beautiful vase shown above, Madison created a base on the bottom using the red colored HydroBubbles water beads. To transition to the clear bubbles at the top, she blended the purple, and orange HydroBubbles to give it a smooth and gentle transition to the clear top.

Colors needed: Red, Purple, Orange, Crystal Clear.


Decorations with Empty Glasses

classy decorations

Have an empty glass that looks nice but is simply collecting dust? Put the glass to good use as a decoration or party favor. For these nice glasses, we simply combined our Ocean Blue HydroBubbles with the Crystal Clear HydroBubbles. The combination of the two gives the glass a deep blue base with a sparkling ice cap on the top.

simple centerpieces

You can go a step further and mix in the snow white HydroBubbles and even the Lime Green to add even more color to the glass. Whichever way you choose to go, the glass will certainly liven any room you display them in!

Colors used: Ocean Blue, Crystal Clear, Snow White, Lime Green.


Colorful, yet simple & festive mixes

colorful waterbeads mix

You can combine or mix the primary colors together (blue, red, yellow) to give you every color in the rainbow, which you can then use to fill your vase or a clear bowl. As the primary colored HydroBubbles touch one another and combine to make numerous shades of different colors, it creates the illusion that you have far more colors in your container than you actually do! Add clear, black, or white to further accent your colorful decoration!

Colors Required: Blue, Red, Yellow.


Additional colors suggested: Clear, Black, Pearl White.

Centerpieces for Parties

steelers water beads decoration

Who said HydroBubbles are girly? If you are hosting a party, having the boys over to watch the Super Bowl, you can make yourself a nice centerpiece that clearly shows support for your favorite football team. Can you tell our household supports the Steelers?

bright star waterbeads

Want to show your child that he or she did well in school or even at a dance recital? Tell them they are Mommy and Daddy’s star by giving them a Golden Star filled with HydroBubbles that are as warm and bright as your love for them. Add a gentle black base and a clear capping on the top and make the star really sparkle and shine!

Colors Required: Black, Gold.


Additional suggested colors: Crystal Clear

Water source for flowers & plants

While HydroBubbles can make for some pretty and classy looking colorful decorations by themselves, they also do a great job of keeping plants and flowers fresh. In fact, here are some pictures of Flowers & plants in HydroBubbles to give you an idea of how you can use HydroBubbles to help keep your plants and flowers watered.

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