Buying Hydro Bubbles

buy HydroBubbles waterbeads

Buying HydroBubbles is both easy and cost effective. HydroBubbles are sold in test tubes. The approximate net weight of each tube of HydroBubbles is approximately 5.8 grams & each single tube of Hydro Bubbles water beads makes enough HydroBubbles to fill a vase that is one quart in size. Important to note, in their “before” state, the HydroBubbles are quite small. In fact, they are bead sized. When the HydroBubbles are in bead form, they can easily fit in the test tubes from which they are sold, thus making it quite easy to store them before the bubbles are used. The article on how to make HydroBubbles tells you exactly how to make them.

There are two main places that you can buy HydroBubbles. You can buy them at the official HydroBubbles website and also at our official HydroBubbles store.

Buying HydroBubbles online

You can buy the HydroBubbles brand of water beads online at, which we might add that the price of HydroBubbles online currently includes free shipping & you can also buy three and get one free! When you purchase HydroBubbles over the Internet, simply choose the colors you want by adding them to your shopping cart. When you have selected the colors of HydroBubbles you want to buy, go to the checkout. For your convenience, we offer check out via Google Checkout or PayPal. When making a HydroBubbles purchase through PayPal, you may use your PayPal balance or you can use a credit card of your choosing via PayPal. You don’t even need a PayPal account to checkout & buy your bubbles via PayPal.

Once the HydroBubbles have been purchased and payment received, we process, pack and ship your order on the next business day in most cases. HydroBubbles are shipped via US Mail and will typically arrive to your stated destination within a few days! Once you have received your order, you can put your bubbles to use!

Buying HydroBubbles at our official HydroBubbles store

As of December 2, 2010, we have opened an official HydroBubbles store. The HydroBubbles store is located at 2080 Interchange Rd in Erie PA, in the All Season’s Market Place building. Once inside the Market Place, look slightly left and you will see the HydroBubbles sign outside of the store and you can see many of the different ways to use HydroBubbles and naturally, all of the beautiful colors that we’re famous for!

Buying HydroBubbles at Special Locations

Occasionally, we travel around and do special events, as we’ve previously offered HydroBubbles at places such as the Erie County Fair in Hamburg, NY, as well as the New York State Fair. We’ve recently visited Monroeville and sold HydroBubbles at the big craft show in the Monroeville Convention Center & we have featured our HydroBubbles at the 2010 For Women Only Expo in Erie, PA at the Bayfront Convention Center. We plan on visiting several special venues in 2011 to display and sell HydroBubbles. We will keep you posted on where we will be. We do not authorize anyone else to sell or distribute HydroBubbles at this time, so if you don’t see the official HydroBubbles logo and a member of the 1 Key Fits All team, steer clear, as you’re not getting HydroBubbles. If it is not HydroBubbles, then odds are it is a lesser quality product.

Returns Policy

For product returns, we only accept returns from online purchases. The product must be returned in the exact container & condition it was purchased in and done so within ten days of receiving the product. While we do not approve refunds, we will accept exchanges, meaning for example, we will exchange green for teal. We have a zero refund policy through our live store, as all sales are final. We do reserve the right to approve like item exchanges on a case by case basis at our live stores and venues. For further information, questions, or concerns, please contact us via email at shannon – at – waterybubbles -dot- com.

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