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How to Care for your HydroBubbles

HydroBubbles water beads make life easier in terms of watering flowers and plants and with a little bit of attention, you can keep your HydroBubbles healthy, looking great, and lasting for a long time. Here are a few tips for maintaining your HydroBubbles:

Tips for making HydroBubbles

When making your HydroBubbles for the very first time, be certain to use the right amount of water. Although using too much water initially or failing to use “enough” water will not hurt your HydroBubbles, we find that using the correct amount of water when initially making your bubbles will produce the best results. HydroBubbles are specially packaged so that each tube of HydroBubbles water beads can be combined with a quart of water.

If you are mass-producing them, meaning that you are making more than 1 tube at a time, then be sure to use one quart of water per tube of HydroBubbles. Consequently, four tubes of Hydro Bubbles calls for four quarts of water (1 gallon). By using the right amount of water, your HydroBubbles will reach their full potential – turning to marble size and retaining the proper amount of water, which it will gradually pass on to your flowers or plants. On the other hand, if you are making only a half tube of HydroBubbles, then use half the suggested amount of water to fill your bubbles for the first time. 1/2 tube of HydroBubbles calls for a half-quart of water.

Whether making a half tube, a whole tube or multiple tubes of HydroBubbles, twelve hours is the magic number in terms of time they need to absorb their water fully. At the end of the absorption period, if there is any water left over at the bottom of the container, be sure to dump it out, as the HydroBubbles do not need “excess water” in order to work. Besides, standing water that is left over tends to decrease the life expectancy of your HydroBubbles, so get rid of any unnecessary water after you have made your bubbles.

Another important tip for making HydroBubbles for the first time is that the water beads should be made in a separate container from that which it is going to be used. More specifically, this means that your Hydro Bubbles should be made before using them in your plants or flowers. This means that you should have a separate bucket or container to fill your Hydro Bubbles water beads before using them in your plants, flowers, or bamboo.

Best time to add water to refill or reuse your HydroBubbles

Under “normal” conditions, HydroBubbles need to be refilled every three to five weeks. By normal conditions, we mean that the environment in which they are kept is not too dry, nor is it excessively humid. The humidity (or lack thereof) in the home may cause your Hydro Bubbles to need refilled more or less. Most homes will dictate that HydroBubbles can be refilled every three to five weeks.

Your HydroBubbles will tell you when they need water, as they get smaller while slowly releasing water to your plants & flowers. If you are using your HydroBubbles to grow or sustain your plants & flowers without soil (all bubbles and no dirt) then your are best suited in waiting for the HydroBubbles to become small from the midpoint of the container and up. When they have become small to the middle of the pot, vase, or container simply add water right into the container (leave your plant or flower in the bubbles, as there’s no need to remove it or the bubbles). For best results, add water before going to bed. When you get up in the morning, your Hydro Bubbles should be fully energized, full sized, and ready for another 3-5 weeks worth of watering duty. It is important that when you refill your water beads that in the morning (6 to 8 hours after adding water to refill them) that you dump out any standing water that remains. This helps avoid over-watering the plants and increases the life expectancy of your Hydro Bubbles water beads.

If you are using HydroBubbles over top of the soil to provide water to your plants or flowers from the top and through the soil, then you must scoop the bubbles from the soil. If you water over top of the bubbles and soil, your HydroBubbles will not have the time or opportunity to absorb much water. Consequently, they will not fill. Additionally, you will more than likely over-water your flower or plant, which is never a good thing. Thus, in order to reuse your HydroBubbles when using them on top of soil, use a spoon, spatula, or scooper and scoop out the HydroBubbles from the soil. It is OK if you get a bit of dirt when scooping your bubbles to refill them. Once scooped out, place the bubbles into a separate container and add water. Allow the HydroBubbles to soak and absorb the water for approximately 6 to 8 hours (overnight). In the morning, you can dump off the excess water and place them back on top of the dirt, at which time they will resume their watering duties.

Final HydroBubbles Tips

Keep in mind, not all water beads are created equally. Be certain that you are getting the HydroBubbles brand of water beads for your flowers and plants. Often imitated, our elite brand of HydroBubbles water beads are never duplicated. HydroBubbles are non-toxic to human, animal, and plant, absorb and release water, and are completely reusable. In addition, HydroBubbles water beads resist algae, mold, and mildew. Consequently, if you care about your flowers or plants, and you care about keeping them and your decorations looking their best, then be sure it is the HydroBubbles brand of water beads. You can buy HydroBubbles water beads online at, as well as at our live store.

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