Teal HydroBubbles

teal HydroBubbles polymers
$3.99 per vial


Teal HydroBubbles are darker green in color and look great with all kinds of flowers and plants. They even make beautiful decorations by themselves and also mix or blend extremely well with our other HydroBubble colours – especially when blended or layered with Blue, Lime Green, and Clear!

Teal HydroBubbles are sold by the vial and cost $3.99 per vial. When you add a quart of water to the teal polymer beads, they fill with water & turn into beautiful marble-sized HydroBubbles that will decorate & hydrate your flowers and plants for weeks at a time. Just as the tubes did, 1 vial of teal HydroBubbles fills a one quart container or quart sized vase once the teal polymers have fully absorbed the quart of water. The teal colored HydroBubbles are re-usable, color-fast, and also algae, mold, and mildew resistant. The teal HydroBubbles will deliver a suitable amount of water to keep your flowers, plants, bamboo, and floral arrangements healthy, looking great, and full of water.

*1 vial of Teal-Green HydroBubbles weighs approximately 5.8 grams.





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