Light Pink HydroBubbles

light-pale pink HydroBubbles polymers
$3.99 per vial


Our light pink HydroBubbles possess a light or pale hue of pink. They make beautiful decorations by themselves and do well being mixed in, thus adding pink to other darker colored HydroBubbles. Placed along the top of hot pink HydroBubbles, the pale pink coloured HydroBubbles produce a sparkling effect.

Light Pink HydroBubbles are sold by the vial and each vial costs $3.99. 1 vial of pale pink HydroBubbles fills a one quart container or vase when they are fully absorbed. When you add 1 qt of water to your light pink polymer beads, you can fill a quart sized vase with the pink bubbles to water your flowers and plants. These light and pale Pink HydroBubbles are reusable and color fast, as well as mold, mildew, & algae resistant, and they are fully capable of providing an adequate amount of water to keep your floral arrangements, plants or bamboo healthy, watered, and full of life.

*1 vial of Pale Pink HydroBubbles weighs approximately 5.8 grams.





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