Green HydroBubbles

lime green HydroBubbles polymers
$3.99 per vial


Our green HydroBubbles are almost clover or lime colored. They make for a nice spring color and are most delightful decorations by themselves. The lime-green HydroBubbles also do well in mixing with many of the other colored HydroBubbles, especially when layered in between or with Blue, Teal, and Clear HydroBubbles.

Our Green HydroBubbles are sold by the vial and cost $3.99 per vial. As with the previous packaging, one 5.8g vial of Green HydroBubbles fills a one quart container of vase when they expand to their full marble size. When you add 1 qt of water to these green polymer beads, the marble-sized HydroBubbles will hold enough water to hydrate your flowers and plants for weeks at a time. The green HydroBubbles are color-fast, totally re-usable, as well as mold, mildew, & algae resistant, and they are capable of delivering an adequate amount of water to keep your floral arrangements, plants or bamboo healthy.

*1 vial of Green HydroBubbles weighs approximately 5.8 grams.





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