Yellow (Citrine) HydroBubbles

yellow HydroBubbles polymers
$3.99 per vial


Citrine or yellow HydroBubbles are a bright yellow color of HydroBubbles. They make for nice decorations by themselves and look great with plants, flowers, and bamboo. The Yellow HydroBubbles mix great with the other primary coloured bubbles such as blue and red HydroBubbles.

Our citrine HydroBubbles are sold in 5.8g vialx and cost $3.99 per snap-cap vial. When you add 1 qt of water to your bright yellow polymer beads, they absorb the entire quart of water and become marble sized, capable of brightening your room and delivering constant hydration to your flowers & plants. 1 vial fills approximately a 1 qt container or vase. The Yellow HydroBubbles are reusable, color-fast, mold, mildew, & algae resistant, and are capable of delivering an adequate amount of water to keep your floral arrangements, plants or bamboo healthy and well-watered.

*1 vial of Yellow/Citrine HydroBubbles weighs approximately 5.8 grams.





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