blue HydroBubbles polymers
$3.99 per vial


Ocean Blue HydroBubbles are a deep blue and look great with any flower, plant, or bamboo. They also make beautiful decorations by themselves & mix quite well with other primary colors like our red and yellow HydroBubbles, as well as when they are beautifully layered in combination with teal, lime-green and clear HydroBubbles.

Blue HydroBubbles are sold by the vial and cost $3.99 per vial. When mixed in with 1 qt of water, the ocean-blue polymer beads absorb the entire quart of water, expanding to a deep blue marble in size and will water flowers, plants, cactus, or bamboo for weeks at a time while looking great in the process!

The Blue HydroBubbles are color fast, as well as mold, mildew, & algae resistant, decorative in nature, and are capable of delivering an adequate supply of water to keep your floral arrangements, plants or bamboo healthy & looking great!

*1 vial of Blue HydroBubbles weighs approximately 5.8 grams and when full of water, the vial’s worth of HydroBubbles will fill a quart sized vase or container.





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