Black HydroBubbles

BLACK HydroBubbles are a dark shade of black. They do well in creating a base for other colored HydroBubbles and are ideal for use in separating HydroBubbles decorations that are layered with multiple colors. The black HydroBubbles look great with plants, and flowers, as well as with other colors of HydroBubbles, especially Orange HydroBubbles for Halloween.

When you add 1 qt of water to your black beads, you can fill a quart sized vase with the black bubbles to water your flowers and plants. Our black HydroBubbles are sold by the tube and cost $3.99 per tube. 1 tube of black HydroBubbles fills a one quart container or vase.



$3.99 per tube


*1 tube of Black HydroBubbles weighs approximately 5.8 grams.




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