More About HydroBubbles (the fine print)

HydroBubbles is the premier brand of decorative, hydrating polymers. When used properly, they are capable of sustaining a plant’s life by providing water to the plant or flower for weeks at a time. HydroBubbles can trace their roots back to Syracuse, NY, where they were owned and marketed by 2 Monkey Trading LLC. In 2010, 1 Key Fits All LLC purchased the HydroBubbles brand, trademarks, copyrights, and all assets (both tangible and untangible) associated with HydroBubbles from 2 Monkey Trading and moved both operations and headquarters to Erie, Pennsylvania.

The HydroBubbles brand and all trademarks associated with HydroBubbles are wholly owned by 1 Key Fits All LLC. Additionally, all material on this website, at our stores, or on our displays are claimed as copyright to 1 Key Fits All LLC where appropriate. This includes (but is not limited to the following):

  • the name or term HydroBubbles
  • the HydroBubbles logo
  • the phrase FEEL ME found on the signs at trade shows, craft shows, fairs, mall shows we participate in, and our own HydroBubbles store
  • All signage created for the sale and/or promotion of HydroBubbles
  • All images and videos taken, produced, or purchased by us in sale or support of HydroBubbles displays on or off this website
  • The clear snap cap vials in packaging HydroBubbles for sale and distribution
  • The instruction sheet detailing the process that HydroBubbles are properly used
  • The language used in the live “sales process” by 1 Key Fits All LLC personnel
  • Any other images, words, videos, packaging, or other things not thought of on this site associated with HydroBubbles

All of the above is in various stages of formal registration. Any person, persons, company, companies, corporations, vendors, wholesalers, or peddlers believed to be in violation of any of the named or implied rights detailed here will find legal action taken against them. To be clear, 1 Key Fits All LLC does grants neither reseller permission nor trademark/copyright usage permission to anyone for commercial purposes without receiving written authorization from 1 Key Fits All LLC in advance.

At, we do not collect personal information – except that which you provide us when ordering HydroBubbles. When placing an order, you are not signing up for a mailing list, nor will you be contacted in the future. Thus, you are not “joining a list” of any sort. While we do not collect and retain personal information for marketing purposes, we do use a script on our website to monitor website activity. This script does not have the ability to identify individuals and is used only for generically tracking traffic and traffic sources to, on and from our website. We use a reputable,safe, and secure shopping cart to process transactions. Consequently, your privacy is of paramount importance to us and you can rest assured that your visit to our website is a safe one.

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